Dear Checker Players, Letís make this State Tournament a big one!  You make plans to attend and bring a friend.  We have a nice checkers article written up in "Our State" magazine announcing the ty dates and location.  The Newspaper and TV will be there, and so should you! 


The NC State Open Checker Ty

May 12th - 13th & 14th, 2005


Registration will be handled in the playing room after supper on Wednesday (May 11th) and between 8:00 - 9:00 AM on Thursday morning. Play will get underway by 10:00 AM Thursday following a short business meeting. The entry fee is $15.00. Any contributions to support the Prize Fund will be appreciated. NCCA has committed $1,000.00 to prize fund plus its building.  As in the past, the tournament will be played under the Three-Move Restriction Style of Play, using the Swiss System of scoring. There will be 7 rounds at 4 games per round. We will play 3 rounds Thursday, 3 rounds Friday, and finish with one round Saturday to permit early travel back home. 

This motel location is in Greensboro on High Point Road near Coliseum and 4-Season Mall.  You should easily see the large towering "Travelodge" sign from I-40. 

  Travelodge is on 2112 W. Meadowview Road, Greensboro, NC (I-40 exit Bus 217 toward Coliseum downtown Greensboro, then turn right on Meadowview Rd at Biscuitville and Travelodge on immediately left)

Call in reservations early:  Bill Bates, Director of Sales or Manager, Clyde Peacock 800-230-5676 or 855-5577 or  $41 plus 13% tax.  (Special Checker Player's Rate)


I-40 exit Bus 217 toward Coliseum downtown Greensboro, look on right for Travelodge


You just about there!


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We have a nice article in May issue of "Our State" magazine about NC Checkers and the State Ty in Greensboro


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