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Checker Clubs:

Burlington Checker Club - every Thursday evening
Carpet Mart, Murphy, NC - Thursdays
Raleigh Checker Club or Don Andrews 919-431-9465
Durham Checker Club - every morning from 8:30 - 10:00AM
Madisonville Checkers Club, Madisonville, TN
Hernando Chx Club, Hernando, MS
KingsRow C.C. in Omaha, NE.
Lancaster County area PA, USA - "Green Dragon"
Shelton Senior Center, Shelton, CT - 4th Tuesday of each month
Anchorage Alaska Senior Center

January, 2010


February, 2010

February   20th - 21st, 2010  Kildare Open in Nass, County Kildare, Ireland - RESULTS

March, 2010

March 5th - 7th  Tennessee State Open Tournament, Lebanon, TN - RESULTS
No Florida Open this year - submitted by Joe Schwartz
March 31st - Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board's 41st Team Checker Tournament, Hamilton, Ontario L8N 3L 1 Canada - RESULTS

April, 2010

April 6th - 8th  Northern Ireland Open at Moortown, Ireland - RESULTS
April 10th - 11th  Illinois State Checker Tournament, Marion, IL - RESULTS
April 17th  - Dumplin' Day Checker Ty, Lebanon, TN - RESULTS
April 17th & 18th - Missouri State 3-Move Open, Windsor, MO - RESULTS
April 24th  - Greensboro Open, Greensboro, NC - RESULTS

May, 2010

May 7th - 8th   73rd Annual West Tennessee Strawberry Festival Checker Tournament, Humboldt, TN - RESULTS
May 14th & 15th    North Carolina State Open Checker Tournament, Siler City, NC - RESULTS
May 22nd    Nebraska 3-Move Open Tournament, Omaha, NE - RESULTS
May 22nd & 23rd   German Open, Korbach, Germany - RESULTS

June, 2010

June 5th   District 1 Open, Dover, MA - RESULTS
June 11th & 12th   Texas & District 8 Checker Tournament, McKinney, TX - RESULTS
June 12th   Burlington 11-Man Open, Greensboro, NC - RESULTS
June 12th & 13th   Pennsylvania State & District 3 "Tony Kozenski Memorial,"  Grove City, PA - RESULTS
June 19th   Missouri GAYP Open, St. Joseph, MO - RESULTS

July, 2010

July 3rd   Salem's Sesquicentennial Celebration Open, Salem, MO - RESULTS
July 9th - 11th  Southern Checker Tournament, Lebanon, TN - RESULTS
July 12th thru 15th   The 44th Annual National Pool Tournament, Durham, NC  - RESULTS
July 16th thru 20th    2010 Bieżuń-Żuromin 10x10 Tournament, Żhuromin, Poland
July 31st 2010 (GLICC) Great Lakes International Checker Conference Tournament No. 23 - RESULTS

August, 2010

August 1st - 5th      2010 - 47th  3-Move National “Richard Fortman Memorial” Tournament, Springfield, IL - RESULTS
August 20th & 21st   Amish Community - GAYP, Dalton, OH - RESULTS
August 27th & 28th    Indiana State & District 6, Shipshewana, IN - RESULTS
August 28th   Connecticut GAYP State Tourney - Moodus, CT - RESULTS
August 28th  Burlington Checker Club & Alamance Co. Cedarock Park - Preserving Our Heritage Festival - RESULTS

September, 2010

September 10th   3-Move Match (John Herberger vs Bruce Morrison) Akron, NY - RESULTS
September 11th   Nebraska GAYP Open, Omaha, NE - RESULTS
September 11th & 12th   Ohio State Tournament "Louis Cowie Tournament,"  Medina, Ohio - RESULTS
September 17th - 18th  Virginia Open, Bedford, VA - RESULTS
September 18th   District 7 (3-Move) Open, St. Joseph, MO - RESULTS
September 19th thru 21st   District 9 (3-Move) Open, Las Vegas, NV - RESULTS
September 25th   Mayberry Days, Mount Airy, NC  - RESULTS

October, 2010

October 2nd & 3rd   76th Illinois 101 County Open Tournament, Marion, IL - RESULTS
October 4th thru 9th   GAYP - WTM (Beckwith vs King) Medina, OH - RESULTS
October 23rd - 26th   The Irish Open, Dublin, Ireland - RESULTS
October 27th - 30th   WCDF 3-Move Qualification Tournament 2010, Dublin, Ireland - RESULTS

November, 2010

November 5th & 6th   District 4 Tournament, Lexington, NC- RESULTS
November 6th & 7th   Pool Checkers / International Checkers Festival - RESULTS
November 6th & 7th   Kentucky Open, Richmond, KY - RESULTS
November 12th -13th   Alabama Open & District 5 Tournament, Haleyville, AL - RESULTS
November 19th -28th   US Open 2010 Kolman Turiy Memorial, (International Checkers 10X10), Sunny Beach, FL -

December, 2010

December  10th  - 13th  USA vs. Barbados - Round 2: - cancelled
December  28th  - Invitation to the 7th World Online Tournament 10x10 KURNIK
December 31st 2010 (GLICC) Great Lakes International Checker Conference Tournament No. 24 - RESULTS

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