Elbert Lowder's 3-Move / GAYP Nationals

1952 National 3-Move - Ocean City, MD  (Basil Case)  

1954 National 3-Move - Lakeside, OH  (Marion Tinsley won over Basil Case who resigned in their final 8Rd after drawing 4 game with 4 left due to fatigue.)   Case surprisingly lost a round to Asa Long in 4Rd  and Long lost to Tinsley in 5Rd)  This was Case's first time playing the Great Tinsley!  They finished:  1. M Tinsley  2. B Case  3. A Long  4. M Lowe  5.  Link  Read about this tournament  View Full Article (11pgs.)

1956 National 3-Move - Galveston, TX (Tinsley)  Lowder's 1st National age 24, tied for 6th place and losing only to Marion Tinsley and JR Lainer.  

1958 National 3-Move - Bethlehem, PA  (Hellman)              

1960 National 3-Move - Euclaire, WI   (M Loew)                        

1962 National 3-Move - Peoria, IL Aug. (EF Hunt & Basil Case -tied) , Eugene Frazier, Don Lafferty)  

1964 National 3-Move - Rockford, IL Aug. (Walter Hellman Don Lafferty, Olbury, Frazier, Cornell)    

1966 National 3-Move - Fresno, CA

1968 National 3-Move - Medora, ND Aug. (E.Fuller, Hellman, Hanson, Lowder)                        

1970 National 3-Move - Houston, TX  August  (Tinsley, Lafferty, Cravens).

1972 National 3-Move - Memphis, TN Aug (Hellman, Lowder, Fuller, Freyer, Scheidt)

1974 National 3-Move - Philadelphia, PA July, (Tinsley, Oldbury, Levitt,  (tied for 4th Lafferty-Long-Fuller-Lowder)

1976 National 3-Move - Sanford, NC  July 13-17th  $7,500 purse (Oldbury, (2 & 3rd tied - Albrecht- Brunch), Lowder, Lafferty)  Elbert won the first 2 games, in the 7th  Rd against Oldbury and thought he had the round  & tourney won, but Derek came back with fire in his eyes.

1977 National GAYP   - Sanford, NC  Nov (Lowder, Balderson, Monteiro, BT Jones, Bishop, Tucker, Scheidt)  (Article) - 1st National GAYP  

1978 National 3-Move - Murfreesboro, TN.  (Tinsley , Lowder, Burton, Lafferty, Morrison)

1979 National GAYP   - Sanford, NC  July (Davis, Lowder, Balderson,)  (Picture)    (Crosstables)

1980 National 3-Move - Longview, TX Aug (Asa Long, Levitt, Hallett, Lowder, Markusic, Morrison Bruch).

1981 National GAYP   - Sanford, NC  Nov (Don Lafferty, Oldbury, Lowder, Paul Davis, Minors - Raleigh Johnson)  (Article)  (Cross-Tables)   

1982 National 3-Move -Tupelo, MS  Aug (Tinsley, Lowder, Hallett, Lafferty, Long, Oldbury, Levitt)

1983 National GAYP   - Lexington,VA (Don Lafferty, Davis, Balderson, Webster, Schwartz, Lowder, Majors - Carl Reno)

1984 National 3-Move -Tupelo, MS  July (Asa Long, Hallett, Lafferty, Bruch, Markusic)

1985 National GAYP   - Nashville, TN (Don Lafferty, J Morrison, Lowder (separated by H Pts), Balderson, Davis)

1986 National 3-Move -Tupelo, MS July (Lafferty, J. Morrison, Long, King, Albrecht, Cravens, Lowder)

1987 National GAYP -Dallas, TX June (Elbert Lowder, Majors - Raleigh Johnson)

1988 National 3-Move - Danville, VA. July 10th-16th (Paul Davis, Lafferty, Lowder, Hallett, Cravens, Levitt)

1989 National GAYP   - Tupelo, MS June (R King,  US Champ - Elbert Lowder, Majors - John Byrns)

1990 National 3-Move -Tupelo, MS  Aug13-18th (Tinsley, Chinook, Long, Hallett, Lafferty, Bruch, Lowder)

1991 National GAYP - Hot Springs, AR July ( Jim Morrison, Majors - Jim Guthrie, Minors - Raymond Scott) 

1992 National 3-Move -Hot Springs, AR Aug 10-15th (Ron King, Lowder, Checkers 3.0, Hallett, Lafferty, Chinook, Laverty, Davis) Elbert should have won.  He had tourney in the bag with only Ron King in the last rd with a game up and all he needed was a draw heat w/Ron King in 8th Rd. It was a 3 on 3 position, 2 singles and a king apiece. Elbert said, "agreed draw," Ron, " lets play." The Position was a draw. They proceeded and Ron slow moved Elbert to death, causing him to step into silly endgame trap. Elbert got really upset over Ronís method of play, slapped the checkers off the board and threatened to quick checker! What a heart break of a game for Elbert!

1993 National GAYP  - Danville, VA ( Lowder, R King, J Morrison, Hallett, Lafferty)  (Article)    

1994 National 3-Move -Garland, Tx 8/1-6th ( Tie 1,2,3rd Lafferty-Chinook-Tinsley (position by honors), Bruch, Cooper, King, Laverty, Hallett... Lowder 13th

1995 National GAYP  - Ken Bar Inn, Gilbertville, KY (J Morrison, King, Lowder, Francis, Lafferty, ( 6 & 7th tied Bruch - Grimes)

1996 National 3-Move -Danville, Va Nov 11-16th (Chinook*, King, Hallett, Morrison, Francis, Bruch, Laverty Moiseyev Adams Balderson Lowder)

1997 National GAYP -Greensboro, NC Aug 11-15th  $8,000 prize fund (Hallett, Webster, King, 4 & 5th tied - Francis, Lowder, Bruch, Grimes, J Morrison)

1998 National 3-Move -Hattiesbury, MS  (Hallett)

1999 National GAYP -Niagara Falls - New Ramada Inn, NY Oct 11-15th (Moiseyev, Hallett, Francis, Grimes, Lowder, King, 7 & 8th tied -  Barker, Webster, Balderson, Walcott, Morrison, Lindsay)

2000 National 3-Move -Toledo, OH in Clarion Hotel Aug 14-19th (Moiseyev - (position by honor pts), Lowder, King, Bruch, Laverty, Morrison) called  ďAsa Long Millennium Checker TournamentĒ  

2001 National GAYP -Las Vegas, NV at The 4 Queens Hotel-Casino Aug 6-10th  (King, Moiseyev, Francis, J Morrison, Hallett, Walcot, Lowder, 8 & 9th tied - Miller, Olsen) called "Tom Wiswell Memorial Tourney"

2002 National 3-Move -The 4 Queens Hotel-Casino, Las Vegas, NV Aug 5-10th "The Marion Tinsley Memorial Tourney" (Keen, Lowder, Bruch, Hallett, Laverty, J Morrison, S Jones)

2003 National GAYP  - Anderson, SC at Holiday Inn Express Aug 1-8th, (Moiseyev, Hallett, Francis, J Morrison, Webster, Bruch, Lowder, Nash)

2004 National 3-Move - Las Vegas, NV Aug 1-6th, (Moiseyev, Hallett, Lowder, Bruch, Beckwith, Morrison, Nash, Laverty)

2004 National GAYP - Las Vegas, NV Aug 8-12th (King, Morrison, Hallett, Lowder, Schwartz, Darrow)

2005 National GAYP - Dublin, OH June 20-24th (King, Beckwith, Francis, Moiseyev, Nash, J Morrison, Hallett, E Morrison, Laverty, Bruch, Lowder, Albrecht)

2005 National 3-Move - Dublin, OH June 26-30th (King, US Champ - R Beckwith, Majors - A Tucker, Minors - A Tramontano, Women's - K Willis, Youth - R Pronk, Younger - Trey Stanley, Younger Girl - Erin Stanley)

2006 National 3-Move - Medina, OH June 19-24th (King, Moiseyev, Hallett, Beckwith, Bruch, Nash, Keen, Schwartz, J Morrison, Lowder, E Morrison -10th & 11th tied, Laverty)

Footnotes: information from Chinook Site, Nemesis Site, Sherman Gardnerís old Site, ACF Site, ACFB, ECB

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